Welcome to myHealthPointe

myHealthPointe is OhioGuidestone’s new client portal that links with our electronic health record. After enrolling in myHealthPointe as an OhioGuidestone patient or client, you can access your private and customized client portal from your computer, phone, or tablet’s web browser, or on Android or iOS apps.

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myHealthPointe gives you the opportunity to be more invested in you and your family’s healthcare, with the ultimate goal of providing better accessibility, client experience and person-centered care.

Help Documents

View the Activate & Login PDF step-by-step instructions and How to eSign Documents PDF.

Why enroll for your OhioGuidestone client portal?

Having a customized OhioGuidestone client portal will make your life easier. myHealthPointe will become the electronic hub for you and your family’s treatment needs at OhioGuidestone. You will have the ability to eSign treatment documents – no more frustration with having to get to your appointment early to fill out paperwork or going back and forth with your provider via email to get the documents to sign. This is all done efficiently and securely through the myHealthPointe client portal.

In addition to eSigning treatment documents, through myHealthPointe you’ll also be able to:

  1. Securely message with your provider
  2. Pay bills online
  3. Access treatment related resources and interventions

We will be adding more features and functionality to myHealthPointe making your OhioGuidestone client portal even better and we will alert you when each new feature is available for use. If you have specific feature requests, share them with your provider.

Enroll Today!

Enrollment is simple. You do need to have a valid email address to sign-up. If you have not started the enrollment process in myHealthPointe through your provider, please submit the form below to get started and look for your activation email in the next few days.


  1. What is myHealthPointe?
    myHealthPointe is OhioGuidestone’s new client portal that is connected with our electronic health record, myEvolv. Initially, you’ll be able to eSign/electronically sign needed documents, securely message with your provider, view educational materials, and pay any account balances online. More features will become available within myHealthPointe as we continue to develop it.  If you have suggestions on functionality or features, please email them to
  2. What do I need to get started with myHealthPointe?
    You’ll need an email address on-file with OhioGuidestone to access myHealthPointe. If you’re an existing client of OhioGuidestone, you can then request that your provider send you a “one-time code.” This “one-time code” is then emailed to you and you’ll use that code to complete your client account within myHealthPointe. All it takes is clicking the link in the email and entering the “one-time code” to get your client account completed. If you’re a new client coming to OhioGuidestone, our Intake staff will collect your email address and then email you the “one-time code” as part of the Intake process. View the Activate & Login PDF step-by-step instructions and How to eSign Documents PDF.
  3. How do I access myHealthPointe and is there a cost?
    myHealthPointe can be accessed from an internet connected device (such as a laptop or PC) with a modern web browser (i.e. Google Chrome). myHealthPointe can also be accessed on an internet connected Android-based device (phone or tablet) using the free app found in the Google Play Store, or on an internet-connected iOS-based device (iPhone or iPad) using the app found in the Apple App store. There is no additional cost to access or utilize myHealthPointe.
  4. What if I have additional questions about myHealthPointe that aren’t answered here?
    Please talk with your provider or reach out to
  5. What if I’m not currently an OhioGuidestone client?
    You must be a current OhioGuidestone client to enroll in and access myHealthPointe, OhioGuidestone’s Client Portal. If you are not currently an OhioGuidestone client and would like to become one, please submit the Request for Services form.