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Oswald C to C Podcast: Mental Health Awareness Into Action

Director of Advancement Arian May was recently featured on the first episode of C to C: The Commitment to Community Podcast from the Oswald Companies. This episode, Mental Health Awareness Into Action, focuses on how OhioGuidestone dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the continuing work being done to break down the stigma of mental health.

We are proud to partner with the Oswald Companies and continue to provide essential services to those we serve in the community.

Listen to the full C to C podcast featuring Arian May.

Renewed Hope on Ohio Overdose Awareness Day

chalk art outside ARM office

OhioGuidestone honored the lives lost to overdoses at three A Renewed Mind locations in Northwest Ohio on August 31, which is recognized as Ohio Overdose Awareness Day.

In addition to remembering those who are no longer here, there were messages of support for those seeking to find their path to recovery.

We are pleased to have received recognition from the following media partners surrounding the event.

TOLEDO BLADE: Local communities plan events for Ohio Overdose Awareness Day.

NBC 24: Ohioans remember drug-related death victims with messages of hope.

Ohio Overdose Awareness Day is August 31

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine recently signed Senate Bill 30, designating Aug. 31 as Ohio Overdose Awareness Day.

Overdose Spelled OutThe somber day remembers the lives lost to the overdose epidemic and brings awareness that help is available. Data shows over 5,000 lives were lost to overdoses in Ohio in 2020, according to the Columbus Dispatch. OhioGuidestone offer support and resources to find a path to recovery. Each year, the agency serves thousands of individuals, providing treatment, peer support, prevention, and other services, bringing hope and healing to those facing substance use disorders.

In support of Ohio Overdose Awareness Day and Recovery Month this September – RecoveryOhio, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) are partnering to offer naloxone, stipends to facilitate overdose awareness and naloxone distribution events in your local community, and a partner toolkit.

 For more information on finding your path to recovery, check out the programs OhioGuidestone offers.

Staff Response: Cost of alcohol addiction is high to Ohioans

Many OhioGuidestone staff members are on the front lines in combating alcohol and substance use disorders, fighting to be the change in our communities. Director of Substance Use Prevention Services Jodi Salvo recently discussed the high costs of alcohol addiction for the state, individuals and families.

She penned a “reader’s viewpoint” article for the Times-Reporter in Tuscarawas County.

Liner Legal: Highlighting Dr. Ben Kearney and his role at OhioGuidestone

Liner Legal, a disability law firm in Northeast Ohio, recently spotlighted OhioGuidestone’s Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Ben Kearney and the impactful work being done to help those we serve find their new path.

“We make an impact by helping others improve their life. Through our program outcome evaluation, we know that if a client completes 10 sessions at OhioGuidestone, on average, they get better! Just 10 sessions!” said Kearney.

Kearney also discussed his upbringing, and more on the work OhioGuidestone is doing every single day. 

Finding Purpose and Self-Worth: One Woman’s Incredible Journey to Recovery

Today, Danica Pingle is a Peer Recovery Coach and Mentor with OhioGuidestone, helping families who struggle with substance use disorders. She was on a very different path five years ago.

“I was incarcerated multiple times, homeless, and human trafficked. I was that far gone,” recounted Pingle of her own journey before taking the first step toward recovery. “For someone like me, to have people in the behavioral health system that cared about me and respected me, despite my past, changed my life.”

After having her son at the age of 15, Pingle’s life started to spiral out of control and the young mother lost custody of her child. Then, in 2015, she found her way to sobriety, receiving inpatient treatment for nine months.
Danica Pingle found self worth through recovery

Today, Pingle has reunited with her son, who is now 12, but her journey is far from over. She remains in counseling and continues to repair family relationships, including growing her bond with her child. Pingle is also paying it forward. She has been working at OhioGuidestone for two years and is forever grateful to be able to help those who are facing the same vices she had to overcome. Pingle wants to give them hope, instill a sense of self-worth and help them find or reclaim their love for life.

Through her work with the agency, as well as with the Fairfield County Child Protective Services, Pingle uses her first-hand experience to help people face their addictions and find a new purpose.

In late February, she joined Ohio Governor Mike DeWine at a news conference to discuss her work with the Ohio Start Program for families dealing with substance use disorders.

“We try to get them help as soon as problems arise,” said Pingle. “The hardest part of the process is watching parents disengage from treatment. The goal is to stay committed and make positive changes.” Pingle wants those families to find the joy she now experiences. She is sober, has her son back, is getting married in the fall and expanding her family!

“For a long time, I never thought I deserved to have a good life. But after years of processing the traumas, I realize I do deserve it because I’ve worked hard to get here. It really is a dream come true.”

NewsyMom: OhioGuidestone Adds Two Services to Support Recovery

OhioGuidestone, one of the largest behavioral health agencies in the state, has added two new options to help people find their path to recovery in Tuscarawas and Carroll counties: a Hope Line; and a Peer Recovery Responder.

Both services are free and confidential to help people get answers to overcoming substance use disorders and addictions. They feature live interactions, providing support for those seeking help.

Newsy Mom recently shared details on each of the new services and how they are helping change lives.


Times Reporter: Hope Line Offers Guidance For Addiction

During these difficult times, many people are struggling with addiction. But finding addiction help isn’t always easy. Many people have lots of questions, and often don’t know where to start looking for answers.

Now, OhioGuidestone is helping monitor a “Hope Line” for Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties to connect people with answers and services that the agency provides. It will be staffed seven days a week, at various times. Messages can be left anytime, and it will also accept texts.

Read more from the Times Reporter.

Medina Gazette: Addiction services detail pandemic struggles, triumphs

A group of people wearing masks during the COVID pandemic receiving addiction servicesRecovery centers and programs have faced difficult circumstances throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. At the Recovery Center of Medina County, things are slowly getting back on track by continuing their partnership with Serenite Restaurant & Culinary Institute.

Also, OhioGuidestone will be providing treatment for residents of a new women’s recovery house in Medina County that is scheduled to open in April.

Find out more about the project from the Medina Gazette.

CW43 Focus: Services Available During a Pandemic

Courtney Yergin discusses with Harry Boomer the services we have available during the COVID pandemic and OhioGuidestone's past, present and futureOhioGuidestone has been around for more than 155 years and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to those we serve.

Assistant Director Courtney Yergin recently joined journalist Harry Boomer to discuss OhioGuidestone’s past, present, and future!

Click here to watch the interview from the CW43 Focus show.

Times Reporter: New Haven for Local Women in Recovery

A new haven for women in recovery - River HavenOhioGuidestone’s women’s residential treatment program in Tuscarawas County, previously known as Harbor House, has a new home and a new name!

This week, the women and staff moved into a much larger and more accommodating building, now known as River Haven.

Click here to read the story from the Times-Reporter, and see more pictures of the new facility.

WTVG: Struggling With Addiction During Pandemic

A sobering new report shows May 2020 was the deadliest month in Ohio for drug and alcohol overdoses in the last 14 years. A Renewed Mind CEO Matthew Rizzo explains how this is a tough time for those battling addiction.

Watch and read the story from 13 Action News in Toledo.

7 Minute Stories: It’s Ok To Reach Out For Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on mental health for many people across the state. Monica Mlinac, OhioGuidestone’s Executive Director of Stark, Summit and Portage Counties, joined Aaron Calafato on his 7 Minute Stories podcast to discuss the importance of mental health and the resources available for those seeking help.

Listen to the full interview here.

WKYC: He Lost Everything; Now Sober, He’s Helping Others

“Just reach out for help,” that’s what Nathan has to say about overcoming addiction and finding his path to recovery with OhioGuidestone.

He shared the story of his painful past, and how he turned it all around.

WKYC’S Lindsay Buckingham spoke with Nate. Watch and read his story!

The Unsealed: From Hurting People To Helping People, I Found Hope After Heroin

Nathan found hope after heroin

While Nathan’s struggles with substance use began in his teens, it was one night of heroin use that sent him down a path of total destruction – resulting in increased drug use, multiple robberies and ending with nearly three years in jail.


Upon release, Nathan was introduced to OhioGuidestone. Now, he’s found his path to recovery.

Nathan recently shared his story to Lauren Brill and The Unsealed, with a powerful message to others fighting addiction.

Healthy Living News: With A Renewed Mind, recovery works

There are many agencies available to treat Northwest Ohioans who battle addiction and mental illness. Then there is A Renewed Mind.

You can read more about how A Renewed Mind is making a positive impact in Northwest Ohio.

ABC 6 News: ‘Walk-In’ For Recovery Helps Dozens Across Central Ohio

The pandemic has forced so many in isolation to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, but it’s especially difficult for those in recovery. That’s why health officials across Central Ohio are revamping the way they literally can reach out to help.

Here is the story from WSYX/WTTE in Columbus.

“It’s Like Magic Happens”- Stefanie Robinson Brings Hope to Those in Addiction

Stefanie Robinson

Stefanie Robinson, an OhioGuidestone Peer Support Services Coordinator, will be celebrating 12 years in recovery. She continues to support those we serve as they navigate their own recovery. To read her story, click here.

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