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Career Coaches Tackle Job Challenges in Uncertain Times

Thousands of people across the state have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, many of them are facing the daunting task of looking for work; in some cases, they are facing unemployment for the first time in several years. Seeing the critical need for assistance in job searching, OhioGuidestone’s Workforce 360° Career Coaches are taking extra steps to support those we serve, helping them get on the path to meaningful, long-term employment.

“This is an unprecedented time in our country for public health, mental health and the economy,” said Kiersten Watkins, OhioGuidestone’s Assistant Vice President of Program Administration. “While some jobs have come back, others have been eliminated or are still in danger of being eliminated as COVID-19 persists. It can be a stressful and difficult time for individuals and families. Our goal is to be a resource to make things easier.”

Whether someone has experience or is a first time job seeker, Workforce 360° Career Coaches are working with them to navigate this new environment with job searches and interview preparations. It’s important for people to know they are not alone and while the job search may be intimidating, having experience isn’t always the only selling point for employers.

“It’s important to teach people about transferable skills,” said Advancement Coach Christine Hairston. “Even though an applicant may not have direct experience for the job they are applying for, they still have assets to contribute to the company. We want people to ‘sell’ their skills.”

Many Workforce 360° Career Coaches have created videos on the do’s and don’t’s of interviewing, and the key to making a strong impression. This has allowed them to stay connected and share information with those we serve and the community at large during this time.

These videos can be found on OhioGuidestone’s YouTube channel.