Psychiatric Services for Children

Our child psychiatry service providers (physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants) work with children and adults to find practical solutions to issues they may confront. Overcoming some challenges may require the assistance of medication, which is one reason to see a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist. Our trained medical professionals will work with young patients to monitor medication dosages and use.

OhioGuidestone is the state’s leader in community behavioral health. Our highly qualified staff of child psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists and counselors are ready to work tirelessly to provide real, measurable improvements for a wide variety of issues ranging from mental health and substance abuse to behavioral difficulties and anger management.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on youth mental health. Only about 20% of children with a disorder receive treatment. Working with a counselor, psychologist or psychiatric provider can be the first step to helping your child find a path to a healthier quality of life.

Do children and young people need child psychiatry services?

It can be difficult spotting signs of atypical anxiety, depression or other mental health issues in children and teens. It’s expected during our formative years that emotional turmoil comes with growing, changing and learning where we belong in the world. Parents can sometimes mistake signs of serious depression as typical emotions associated with growing up.

Children and teens face unique issues today that many of us did not experience during our formative years. Cyberbullying, fewer opportunities for social interaction and the COVID-19 pandemic have left many young people feeling isolated and without options and healthy social practice. Mental health professionals have taken notice of deteriorating mental health among young people over the last decade, with the last few years in particular being exceptionally challenging.

How Do OhioGuidestone Child Psychiatry Programs Work?

OhioGuidestone’s child psychiatry programs are available to adults and children. While needs may vary from patient to patient, we treat everyone with compassion and respect.

Patients will receive an assessment and evaluation. If they have never been prescribed medication, we will typically require a follow-up after a few weeks to determine how the patient is feeling and progressing, if the medication is working, and the patient’s own assessment of the new treatment plan. If patients are experiencing the results desired, they will follow up with another appointment in a couple weeks.

Most patients receive follow-up once a month to make sure their needs are met, that they feel informed and a part of the process and are not experiencing difficulties with their medication or treatment plan. They also have access to a nurse line if they are experiencing issues or concerns that need immediate attention. OhioGuidestone is focused on monitoring, follow-up visits and listening to our patients and patients throughout their continuum of care.

Psychiatric Services Offered

Child psychiatry programs can last for just a few months or a lifetime depending on the requirements of treatment and feedback from the parents and children. We put our patients’ feelings first and do everything we can to make sure they feel heard, as they are integral to the success of their own treatment and healing.

Psychological Assessments

OhioGuidestone offers a full complement of psychological assessment to better understand the issues our patients face and how they can be helped. Our staff is trained to work closely with patients and to address the mental health or behavioral issues that are at the root of their challenges.

Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Our child psychiatrists and psychiatric providers can meet with children in offices in many counties throughout the state.

School Psychiatric Services

Our mental health professionals have working relationships with local school partners and are willing and able to conduct counseling and psychiatric sessions in an outpatient basis at one of our OhioGuidestone locations.

Juvenile Justice Psychiatric Services

Our psychiatric providers and psychological therapists work within court-ordered programs for at-risk youth who may be struggling with anti-social behavior due in part to mental health disorders. They can treat a number of different mental health diagnoses using a combination of psychotherapy and monitored medication.

Psychiatric Successes of our Programs

Patients who have worked with OhioGuidestone child psychiatrists or psychiatric providers report mental health benefits after engaging in our treatment plans. Our patients report:

  • Improved mood
  • Improved focus
  • Better socialization
  • Stronger problem-solving abilities
  • Greater sense of independence

With compassion and respect, OhioGuidestone helps people across the lifespan navigate the most difficult times of their lives. If your child needs a child psychiatrist or a psychiatric provider, we are here to help you.

OhioGuidestone Psychiatric Services for Children are available in the following counties:

Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, Stark, Summit, Fairfield, Franklin, Marion, Tuscarawas, Carroll, Lucas, Defiance, Hancock and Wood

*Telehealth services are available throughout the state.

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