An internship at OhioGuidestone is more than earning credits toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree. OhioGuidestone is a career launchpad for our interns. They are not coffee runners. They are contributors, with a calling to make a positive change in our world while growing professionally and personally. As an intern for OhioGuidestone’s team, we promise to prepare you for the real world, and support your growth within the progression of this organization. We will value your hard work and effort. Some of our interns become part of our staff, working side by side with our experienced professionals. We feel honored when one of our interns joins us to become an OhioGuidestone professional.

OhioGuidestone continues to grow with each passing year. The need for mental health services in the state is greater than it has even been, which is why we are constantly adding staff, and perfecting our standard of care. As Ohio’s leading mental and behavioral health service provider, our standards are high, and we are always scouting for employees who share our ambitious values. Many times, that talent shows up in our interns.

We serve thousands of patients and students each year, which means when you join us as an intern, communities across Ohio feel your impact. What you do truly matters. Working with OhioGuidestone is an investment in local families and communities, helping them find the path to health and well-being. You become the solution in someone’s darkest hours, a helping hand, giving time and expertise to light a darkened path.

If that sounds like you, look at our social work internships and see what fits you best.

General Internships

A Social Work Internship at the undergraduate level is a chance to put skills learned in a classroom into practice, under the guidance of an OhioGuidestone professional. Interns learn case management from the beginning assessment, and documentation, to the treatment and progress of a patient.

Our interns are excellent writers and communicators. We value open, honest, and respectful communication using a unique process of shared experiences via a weekly, supervised intern support meeting. The shared experience creates a resource network that can be maintained throughout the internship and beyond.

OhioGuidestone staff strives for improvement and encourages interns to engage in problem solving and offer solutions for issues as they arise, supporting staff decisions.

Clinical Internships

As an OhioGuidestone intern studying for a master’s degree in social work, you become an advocate for those whom OhioGuidestone serves, providing clinical consultations and working in the community, in school-based settings and in clients’ homes.

Clinical interns actively participate in all treatment conferences and meetings for our clients, following through until an issue is resolved, sometimes making recommendations for clinical support services needed upon discharge.

Our clinical interns develop a therapeutic relationship with each client through individual, group, or family counseling sessions. Clinical interns also conduct clinical consultations and protect the resources that support OhioGuidestone by advocating for and maintaining relationships with other OhioGuidestone professionals, outside agency professionals, and parents involved in a case.

Intern Story

From Interns to Licensed Professional Counselors with OhioGuidestone

Megan and Gabriella began their time with OhioGuidestone as interns from the University of Akron. They instantly connected as friends and leaned on each other for support. Today, two years later, they both have jobs they love with an organization they believe in.

“We both work as in-home therapists with OhioGuidestone, and both are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) in the state of Ohio,” says Megan. They also recently earned their Marriage and Family Therapist license with support from their supervisors, and coworkers.

“OhioGuidestone does a great job supporting each therapists’ interests,” says Gabriella. Both Megan and Gabriella see OhioGuidestone as an amazing place to work.

“The collaboration amongst workers is awesome. Not only that, but everyone is welcoming and more than willing to help you in any way they can. I also like the flexibility to create my own schedule,” says Gabriella.

Your Passion and Our Purpose Come Together

Helping people — it’s your passion and our purpose. Together, we can achieve more and change lives in our community. Become a part of something bigger than yourself. Become a part of OhioGuidestone.

Please note: Unless otherwise noted, OhioGuidestone internships are unpaid volunteer opportunities. We give preference to students seeking 2-semester placements or longer.


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