OhioGuidestone Leadership

The OhioGuidestone Leadership Team is a forward-looking group of individuals committed to every aspect of the organization. Each member embodies OhioGuidestone’s Values and Guiding Principles. Working together, these proven professionals leverage their knowledge and experience to ensure our Mission to provide pathways for growth, achievement, and lifelong success, is achieved for every client.

Brant Russell

Brant Russell

President and CEO

Brant became the new President and CEO in 2022. Under his guidance, and leveraging his extensive experience, his focus is to increase and continue the excellent care to the agency’s 28,000 clients throughout the state of Ohio.

I am honored to lead OhioGuidestone, a responsive, compassionate organization that is here to serve the underserved. Our focus is to discover how we can continually evolve to provide our clients with access to our innovative services, while demonstrating our capability to deliver value at the point of care and beyond so our clients can emerge stronger and better for the future.

Peter J. Ippolito

Peter J. Ippolito

Chairperson, Board of Directors

Pete has been part of OhioGuidestone’s Board for over 11 years, and this is his second term as Board Chairperson. He currently serves as President and General Manager Global Industrial Wood Group at Sherwin Williams.

My time and resources are invested in OhioGuidestone because we have been caring for people for 158 years with one mission, to serve the children and families of our communities. We have exceptional services that are designed to provide a pathway for lifelong success.


Executive Leadership Team

Brant Russell

Brant Russell

President and CEO

Ben Kearney

Ben Kearney, Ph.D.

Chief Clinical Officer

Donna Keegan

Donna Keegan

Chief Program Officer

Doug Blair

Doug Blair

Chief Information Officer

Cindy Naegele

Cindy Naegele

Chief Advancement Officer

Mary Stiles

Mary Stiles

Chief of Staff/Chief Strategy and Legal Officer

Patti Stumpp

Patti Stumpp

Chief Human Resources Officer

Joe Ziegler

Joseph R. Ziegler

Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Pete Ippolito

Peter J. Ippolito

Chairperson, Board of Directors

Nancy Shaw Goldsmith

Nancy Shaw Goldsmith

Vice Chairperson, Board of Directors

Meredith Bond

Meredith Bond, Ph.D.

Secretary, Board of Directors

Dave Zentkovich

Dave Zentkovich

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Federico G. Barrera III

Grace B. Chalker

Andrew A. Cox, Ph.D.

Curtis Danburg

Jason R. Drake, Ph.D.

John T. Fitts

Andrew S. Garner,
M.D., Ph.D.

Andria N. Garten

L. Jonathon Groza

Susan C. Hastings

Mark Macioce

Terry Malone

Martina Moore, Ph.D

Aaron O’Brien

Jerald O’Dwyer

Angelo N. Pimpas

Jack Randolph

James T. Sayler

Allison Smith Newsome

Rev. Mark L. Steiger

Cathy Vail

Robert Vaile

Fred C. White

Steven R. Zirkel

Rev. Dr. Rollin A. Conway, Emeritus

Merilyn Reihs, Director Emeritus

Associate Board

The Associate Board is an essential group as it develops the next generation of OhioGuidestone leaders and potential board members. Associate Board members are able to make a direct impact to benefit our community through volunteering, networking, fundraising and advocating for the services that OhioGuidestone provides its clients.

Shana Coune

Shana Coune, BSN, RN, CBN

Associate Board Co-chair

I joined OhioGuidestone’s Associate Board after volunteering at my first Trunk or Treat event in 2018. It was so much fun decorating and passing out treats for the residential foster kids. They had a blast! I applied for a leadership role so that I could be a part of planning and executing similar events through developing professional relationships on behalf of the Associate Board.

Jaime Perry

Jaime Perry

Associate Board Co-chair

I joined the OhioGuidestone Associate Board because I am passionate about serving the community and helping others.


John Adamczak, MBA

Lindsay Adamczak

Taylor Anderson, RN

Maria Brenders

Emily Duttera

Suzanne Fortuna

Antwand Hill

Marisa Ippolito

Lauren Hanna Masuga

Marielle Miethke

Jessica Shaffalo

Dierdre Solymosi

Antoinette Sprinkle, LSW

Stephanie Swanson, CRCST, CHL

Jordan Zahoransky

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