Psychiatric Services

Sometimes medication is the missing piece in the puzzle of mental health.

When the treatment process does not progress with counseling alone, the addition of closely monitored medication can make a significant difference in an individual’s healing and recovery.

A psychiatrist or a nurse practitioner needs to be involved when medication is part of the treatment plan.

A psychiatrist is different from a psychologist in that psychiatrists work with medication to assist with mental health rehabilitation.  Typically, psychologists treat conditions that do not require medication, or that are not severe enough to require medical intervention. These can include behavioral problems, mild anxiety or depression, difficulties focusing on work or school, and other settings. More severe conditions that might require help from a psychiatrist and medication include bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and severe depression.

Our psychiatrists work with children and adults to find practical solutions to issues they may be facing. Some problems might need the assistance of medication to overcome, and the oversight of a trained psychiatrist to assist in monitoring the dosages and use.

OhioGuidestone is the leading voice in behavioral health in the State of Ohio. Our highly qualified staff of psychiatric providers (psychiatrists, physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants) are ready to work tirelessly to provide real, measurable improvements in a wide variety of issues ranging from mental health and substance abuse to behavioral difficulties and anger management.

Psychiatric Services Offered

Our psychiatry programs are available to adults and children. While needs may vary from person to person, we treat every patient with respect and care.

Patients will come into the office nearest to them and receive an evaluation. If the patient has never been on medication, they will typically come receive follow-up care after a few weeks to see how they are feeling and determine if the medication is working. If the patient is receiving the results needed, they will schedule another follow-up, typically two weeks later.

Many patients come in for a follow-up visit once a month, outside of their therapy visits, to make sure their medication needs are being met. We want our patients to feel informed, in control, and a part of the process. During these visits, we can discuss the changes, or side effects experienced while taking the medication. This allows us to make changes in dosage, or the medication itself. We also provide direct access to a nurse via phone if there are any issues or concerns about medication. This is important to us; our patients need to know that help is always available at OhioGuidestone.

Psychiatric Treatment Programs can last for just a few months up to a full lifetime depending on what the treatment requires and the needs of the patient. As a patient, you are top priority, we respect your feelings and promise to do everything we can to help you heal and become empowered in the recovery process.

Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Psychiatrists can meet with patients, adults, or children, in offices in several different counties throughout the state.

Psychiatric Successes of our Programs

Patients who have worked with OhioGuidestone psychiatrists report many mental health benefits after taking on the treatment plans. Our patients report:

  • Improved mood
  • Improved focus
  • Better socialization
  • Stronger problem-solving abilities
  • Greater sense of independence

Psychiatric services at OhioGuidestone are a team approach, with our patients being one of those team members. We share a collective goal of finding the best treatment that will put you on the path to recovery, mental health, and a healthy state of well-being.

OhioGuidestone Psychiatric Services are available in the following counties:

Carroll, Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas, Fairfield, Franklin, Marion, Defiance, Hancock, Henry, Lucas, Williams and Wood

*Telehealth services are available throughout the state.

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