Residential Treatment (Berea)

Why Choose OhioGuidestone? 

OhioGuidestone’s youth residential campus in Berea, Ohio is “home” to children and adolescents ages 6-15 years old. It is the premier mental health residential treatment center for children in Ohio. We take referrals for placement at our facility throughout the State of Ohio and as well as out-of-state. 

Our programming is person-centered, trauma-informed, and clinically grounded and offers structured, therapeutic, and educational services, as well as clinical interventions to give residents the tools for an independent future. We provide whole person care for individuals with developmental, emotional, physical, and educational needs, including intensive mental health care, medical and psychiatric care, spiritual care, and access to on-going education at the resident’s appropriate developmental level. We recognize that every child is different and comes to us with their own unique history of experiences. While residents prepare for reunification with their family or a transition to a more permanent family-based setting, they are provided with a nurturing and supportive environment.  

Children We Serve 

Our residential treatment provides out-of-home care for boys and girls with complex trauma, mental health needs, academic struggles, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and severe emotional and behavioral concerns that negatively impact their ability to control their impulses, maintain their personal safety, and recognize the impact of their behaviors which prevent them from living safely in their homes.  

Our Specialized Residential Treatment 

Mental health residential treatment and all our programming is provided in cottages. The cottage format provides a safe and supportive environment where youth can receive care alongside others within the same age group who have been experiencing similar challenges.  The cottages promote the development of positive peer groups, which help residents learn how to establish healthy interpersonal relationships and begin to trust others.  

Family-Centered Approach 

We believe in the important role that strong family relationships play in a child’s life. The core of our programming is based on healing damaged relationships so that we can restore healthy, trusting connections within the family system. Treatment is family driven with both the youth and family included in all aspects of their care, as appropriate.  

Individual, Group and Family Therapy 

All youth receive individual, groups and family therapy, provided by a licensed clinical professional, fostering growth and healing in the youth and family. We provide different modalities of evidenced-based treatment specific to the resident’s psychiatric, educational, developmental, physical, and medical needs.  

Spiritual Services 

A Chaplain is available on campus to provide spiritual care and mentorship through assessment of spiritual or emotional needs. The Chaplain facilitates rituals to honor special celebrations or times of transition for youth, individual and group worship, or spiritual groups to promote self-expression, and awareness to create and maintain a sense of emotional control and wellness.  

Medical and Psychiatric Care 

Medical and psychiatric care is managed by our consulting pediatrician and psychiatrist in conjunction with our on-site medical and clinical teams. An integrated medical and clinical team allows for staff to observe residents and share information in determining treatment approaches and ongoing psychiatric supports.  

Experiential Therapies 

We provide recreational therapy, yoga, dance/movement therapy, horse therapy, art and music therapy, and supervised field trips and special event outings.  


The Snow School is our on-site school which provides both classroom and online learning platforms. This ensures positive educational and vocational outcomes for youth as the students are able to maintain academic progress without the burden of additional travel or disruption that may put them at risk of falling behind, and they can transition more seamlessly from their educational system to ours, and back again, after their residence ends.  

Aftercare Supports 

A transition coordinator works alongside the clinical team, resident, and family/guardian to develop a transition plan once the youth leave our residential treatment center for children. The transition coordinator works with the family for no less than six months after they discharge to provide support to the family and to ensure continuity of care.  

Our Residential Treatment Programs 

Crisis Stabilization 

Youth served are in crisis and need immediate access to residential treatment. Youth are likely experiencing mental illness and/or severe behavioral disorders that need crisis interventions on a short-term basis so they can return safely to their homes and communities. The average stay is 30-90 days. 

Open Residential 

Serving males and females 6-15 years old, with emotional, behavioral, intellectual, and developmental disorders which prevent them from living safely in their homes. The average stay is 6-9 months. 

Our residential treatment center for children in Berea is part of OhioGuidestone’s extensive programming. As we help people navigate the most difficult times in their lives—with compassion and respect—we ultimately empower them take steps towards a healthier future. 

OhioGuidestone Residential Treatment (Berea) Services are available in the following counties:


*Telehealth services are available throughout the state.

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