Early Childhood Mental Health

Helping Families from the Beginning… and Every Step of the Way

Parenting is hard. There is no manual and no two children or situations are the same. The early years of parenting leave even the most experienced and educated caregivers wondering: “Is this normal?” “Does my child need help?” or “Do I need help?” And that’s in the most ideal of circumstances.

The reality is many families are dealing with other issues, as well. There may be trauma or loss. Children may be experiencing developmental delays or other physical and mental disabilities. Others may have unique family dynamics. No matter what the circumstance or situation, these early years can be extremely overwhelming for both the child and the caregiver—and a critical point for utilizing mental health services.

Knowing Where to Turn

Unfortunately, according to a recent study, more than 60% of parents reported the biggest barrier to accessing child mental health services was lack of information about where to seek help. Additionally, 59% had the perception that professionals didn’t listen, and 53% reported that professionals didn’t initiate interventions or provide referral services.

At OhioGuidestone, our mission is to provide pathways for growth, achievement and lifelong success for our youngest patients. Early intervention is key to this success. And to ensure these new paths begin, we’re breaking down barriers by providing early childhood mental health consultation services both in the classroom (child care centers, preschools, home-based school providers) or in your home. Additionally, many of these services are provided at no cost to the family.

We know that sound mental health starts in early childhood, as experiences starting from birth can shape the brain and influence development of physical, social and emotional skills. As one of the state’s leading providers of child mental health services, we’re dedicated to providing children and families early interventions for mental health services, and creating individualized treatment plans so they get a jump-start on lifelong success.

Services from the Start

Our early childhood mental health programming offers a continuum of care that works with children from birth to age six. By starting mental health services in the early and transformative years, we hope to put these children on the path to positive, successful and healthy lives.

Our Early Childhood Mental Health Program offers a specialized treatment approach designed to assist families in strengthening relationships while addressing the specific mental health needs of the young child. This comprehensive program is family-centered and child-focused, stressing the importance of the parent-child relationship. Our therapists possess specialized knowledge, training, and experience working with parents and their young children.

Our services include:

  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Consultations and Referrals
  • Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Family and Individual Therapy
  • Home-Based Counseling
  • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation and Advocacy
  • Child-Parent Psychotherapy
  • Early Childhood Intervention Services
  • Autism Treatment Services

Our services address a variety of needs, including:

  • Attachment and Early Relationship Building
  • Mood Swings / Depression / Anxiety
  • Verbal and Physical Aggression
  • Developmental Adjustment and Transitions
  • Abuse, Trauma, Grief and Loss
  • Parent-Child / Family Functioning
  • Hyperactivity / Inattention
  • Social Skills with Peers and Adults
  • Sleeping / Eating / Toilet Training
  • Child Care / School Success
  • Developmental Delays
  • Parental Skillfulness / Child Coping Skills

Where You Need Us

Because we recognize that the parent-child relationship is essential in the healing process—and time and transportation can often hinder getting the help you and your child need—we offer our services in settings that are ideal for the family and that are familiar to your child. Whether it is in-home child therapy or consultations, school or pre-school, community or one of our offices, OhioGuidestone ensures that gaining early childhood mental health services is easy and convenient.

Are you ready for your new path to begin? To learn more about some of the early childhood mental health services available, click on the links below.

Early Childhood Mental Health Services

Early Childhood Consultation

Treating our youngest patients with early childhood mental health consultation is a great first step to setting them up for a healthy life. Intervening early will help boost confidence, understanding of behavior and self-esteem.

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Autism Services

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is among the Early Childhood Mental Health services at OhioGuidestone. Early diagnosis, intervention and treatment can make a remarkable difference to both the child with ASD and the rest of the family. OhioGuidestone provides counseling and education to help parents understand and accept an ASD diagnosis.

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Home-Based Treatment

Whether your child is struggling with behavioral issues, developmental delays or has experienced stress or trauma, OhioGuidestone’s in-home child therapy and mental health program for children birth to age 6 years old will help meet your child’s needs.

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Services

Children who were prenatally exposed to alcohol may have particular challenges with behavior and life skills. OhioGuidestone’s Center for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, (formerly DoubleARC) can help, with assessment and treatment plans that are specially designed to help children with FASD and their families.

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Early Childhood Intervention Services

Help Me Grow Early Intervention provides early childhood intervention services to parents of eligible children under the age of three with developmental delays or disabilities in Tuscarawas County. Services may include speech therapy, physical therapy, and more based on the needs of the child and family.

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Pregnancy and New Parent Assistance

OhioGuidestone provides assistance to parents and caregivers through the Help Me Grow Home Visiting models: Healthy Families America and Parents as Teachers. The parent support programs encourage early prenatal and well-baby care, as well as parenting education to promote the healthy development of babies and young children.

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