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OhioGuidestone and Whitehall City Schools featured on Fox 28, Good Day Marketplace

OhioGuidestone and Whitehall City Schools In The News Featured on Fox 28, Good Day Marketplace "ADAMH Youth Prevention Initiatives at Whitehall City Schools and OhioGuidestone"OhioGuidestone and Whitehall City Schools sat down with Fox 28 to discuss school-based prevention services. Jillian Cleary, Regional Director at OhioGuidestone talked with Fox 28 on Good Day Marketplace along with Doug Shoemaker, Regional Director from Whitehall City Schools about the ADAMH-funded, school-based prevention partnership and youth-led initiatives provided by funding from the Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH).

The interview took place in October, during Youth Substance Use Prevention Month. OhioGuidestone and Whitehall City Schools have partnered together since 2017, providing school-based prevention initiatives with funding from the ADAMH board. OhioGuidestone offers Tier 1 and Tier 2 prevention services at Whitehall. Prevention is the first tier, where our behavioral health professionals are trained to provide evidence-based prevention programs for kids in schools. This includes substance use prevention, violence prevention, and suicide prevention, along with a social-emotional learning curriculum that teaches resiliency and skill building. Tier 2 provides behavioral health consultation, our consultation services allow for early identification and intervention leading to a more positive outcome. OhioGuidestone is the state’s largest provider of school behavioral health services. We are proud to serve students in kindergarten through 12th grade and at the university level in over 327 schools throughout the state. The ADAMH Board of Franklin County supports OhioGuidestone and Whitehall City Schools in their mission to provide pathways for growth, achievement and lifelong success.