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Part of my Purpose

“Can you cut up my food?”—A question most parents hear at meals. A question that Margaret will admit, she hears often at her own dinner table. This time, though, Margaret’s child wasn’t doing the asking. It was an OhioGuidestone client, around eight years old, who needed her help. She was at a donor appreciation dinner, surrounded by her fellow donors and OhioGuidestone staff. It was a thank you event for everything she had done for the organization, and every life she had changed through her generous contribution. And here, she had her first tangible experience with a client—cutting up their food so that they could eat. It moved her, and she kept the little boy company all night.

“At one point, I remember him saying, ‘I miss my mom,’” Margaret recalls. It was this night that Margaret finally connected her volunteer work and donations to a real face, and she understood the depth of the cause. That night, she realized that her own personal goal of doing good in the world could be carried out with OhioGuidestone. That her work with OhioGuidestone could become part of her purpose.

“I believe in what OhioGuidestone is doing. I know I have a huge support system, and that I’m lucky. Not everyone does. OhioGuidestone is that support for others,” she said. Margaret’s passion for the organization grew.

Margaret has helped OhioGuidestone in so many ways. Her goal is to connect everyone with their ability to give back.

Too often, we think of donating as offering up the whole steak dinner. But those little pieces—like Margaret so carefully cut up for that little boy—add up. They make a big difference. It’s the littlest things in life that often do. Margaret’s collective impact on the organization is huge. She will be the first to tell you, though; she does not do it by herself. Using her voice and her passion, she has assembled dozens of volunteers and donors to make a collective impact.

“You have more in common with others than you think. People everywhere want to do good. They just don’t know how to tap into it,” she said. One of Margaret’s many gifts is leading others to tap into their generosity.>/span>

Becoming involved with OhioGuidestone is allowing Margaret to carry out part of her purpose. Her support enriches the lives of every man, woman, and child she encounters—whether they are clients, or her coalition of volunteers.

If you’re interested in making a difference, and finding part of your purpose with OhioGuidestone, consider a donation. Whether it’s your voice, your time, or your money, we deeply appreciate you, and hope that soon, our cause becomes part of your purpose.

For more information about donating to OhioGuidestone, please contact Arian May at