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Stepstone Academy Students Surprise Guests on the Mark Nolan Show

Listeners to the Mark Nolan Show on WMJI radio in Cleveland  got to hear about the wonderful achievements of Stepstone Academy and OhioGuidestone’s role in supporting such a unique initiative. Jim Dombrowski, Superintendent of Stepstone Academy brought some of his students to the WMJI  (Majic 105.7) studio downtown so they could say “thank you” to Mark Nolan for emceeing Stepstone’s 10-year birthday celebration, and for doing a terrific job as auctioneer for the auction portion of the event. Despite having to wake up extra early to be part of the morning show, the children were all smiles as they held up homemade thank you signs at the window in front of the studio.

Listen below!


Mark Nolan (center) and his visitors from Stepstone Academy