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The Institute of Family & Community Impact


Our mission is to enhance lives and build stronger communities for individuals at all stages of life through innovation, research and evaluation, professional training and development, and advocacy. Our models, trainings and primary research translate cutting edge science and best practices into products and services available to health professionals, educators, policy makers, philanthropists, community leaders and families.


We envision:

Communities full of Resilient Children, Families & Adults with limited Adverse Childhood and Community Experiences (ACEs).

Informed health, educational and policy professionals and community members who adopt a “WE” attitude to produce collaborative and safe environments that lead to advantageous outcomes for children, adults and families.

Science & Evidence driven decision making by people, programs and policies that serve and impact children, adults and families.

Serving as an in-demand source for expert information and resources for early childhood mental health, social-emotional development and wellness for children and families.

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Joyful Together© is a research-based model that builds childhood resiliency and reduces toxic stress in children by enhancing parent/caregiver relationships with joyful play. Joyful Together© provides easy-to-do activities to coach parents and caregivers on playing with their children to create stronger bonds and lower stress.

Joyful Together©:

arrow upImproves Relationships

arrow upImproves Resiliency

arrow downLowers Parent Stress

carEasy to do Anywhere, Anytime

For more information, for training or research, contact us or click here.

Father's Feelings Study

Father’s Feeling Study

Are you or do you know a father with a baby under 1 year old? Help us better understand fatherhood by participating in The Father’s Feeling Study! Fathers can earn a $25 Gift Card for completing 5 study visits.

Contact us today: research@ohioguidestone.org440-260-8865, or visit our Fatherhood Study page for more information.


Our nonpartisan advocacy work is rooted in our support of science and evidence-driven decision making, and our belief that, by working together, we can build a stronger future for our communities. Watch this space for resources, position statements, and articles related to our advocacy work and relevant policies.

Visit our Advocacy Corner page for more information.

Clinical Innovations – CBT+

CBT Plus is a new and innovative cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) based treatment approach. Recent scientific developments from fields such as neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology have been integrated with traditional CBT. The approach is inclusive of trauma and toxic stress informed care principles, and is respectful and responsive to the weight of social and cultural issues in the context of poverty and marginalization, such as racism and sexism.

CBT Plus puts relationships at the core of healing by changing shaming and blaming language into affirmative language. CBT Plus is for use in community mental health settings.

For more information about CBT Plus, including how to implement use in your program, please contact us.

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Impact Corner

Keep up with current science, news worthy information, and book reviews related to family and community impact.

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Training & Professional Development

We offer training and professional development for mental health professionals, educators, community leaders, parents and more!

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The Institue of Family and Community Impact