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OhioGuidestone Collaboration with Thale Blanc

OhioGuidestone is proud to collaborate with international fashion designer, Deb Sawaf with Thale Blanc to bring attention to mental health. See the interview on Cribbs in the CLE: Josh and Maria Live as they talk about the Power of Words fashion line making its debut next month in Cleveland during the NBA All-Star Game weekend.

News 5: More people seeking mental health services during pandemic, rise in community violence

Screen shot of interview with Dr. Ben Kearney on WEWS

The need for mental health services is increasing. The on-going COVID-19 pandemic, increasing community violence, and seasonal changes all serve as sources of stress, anxiety, and depression for many people.

OhioGuidestone Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Ben Kearney, spoke with News 5 Cleveland’s Jade Jarvis to discuss the rise in individuals seeking mental health treatment. Watch and ready why Dr. Kearney says making connections is so important during these trying times.

Columbus Dispatch: More donors supporting organizations involved in mental health work to promote change

Mental health awareness is vital, especially during these tough times. OhioGuidestone was pleased to partner with Columbus-based Jeni’s Ice Creams for a #GivingTuesday campaign.

On November 30th, proceeds from sales at Jeni’s Scoop Shops in Cleveland and Columbus went to benefit our programs and services and those we serve everyday.

The Columbus Dispatch explained why Jeni’s chose to partner with OhioGuidestone, and the importance of identifying mental health resources.

New Paper Highlights Importance of Interprofessional Skills in Community Mental Health Services

Dr. Katherine Lamparyk, OhioGuidestone’s Director of Clinical Training and Development and an Institute of Family & Community Impact® Clinical Fellow, recently published a paper on the ways clinicians can utilize interprofessional skills to improve community mental health.

Her article, Interprofessionalism as a Cross-Cutting Skill: A Perspective on Transitioning from Academic Medicine to Community Behavioral Health,” appears in this year’s edition of The Ohio Psychologist, published by the Ohio Psychological Association.

Through her insightful perspective, Dr. Lamparyk details her own experiences and how interprofessional skills translate into community-based services such as OhioGuidestone’s. She particularly focuses on why these skills play an important role in whole health — physical, mental, and social. Additionally, as she notes, “The skills and values of a psychologist make us uniquely primed for leadership and advocacy efforts outside the direct clinical work we have been trained for.”

Leveraging collaborative relationships between health providers as well as their patients is key, Dr. Lamparyk argues. That way, providers can treat people as whole persons who are part of dynamic communities. Even better, it can help empower clients to gain the kind of transformative care they need. Whether care is provided in academic medical settings or community mental health services, interprofessional skills can help build a better, more holistic model of healthcare.

Oswald C to C Podcast: Mental Health Awareness Into Action

Director of Advancement Arian May was recently featured on the first episode of C to C: The Commitment to Community Podcast from the Oswald Companies. This episode, Mental Health Awareness Into Action, focuses on how OhioGuidestone dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the continuing work being done to break down the stigma of mental health.

We are proud to partner with the Oswald Companies and continue to provide essential services to those we serve in the community.

Listen to the full C to C podcast featuring Arian May.

OhioGuidestone Merges with Toledo-Based A Renewed Mind

July 2, 2021- Berea, Ohio –  OhioGuidestone, one of Ohio’s largest non-profit behavioral health organizations, announced that effective July 1, 2021, the merger of A Renewed Mind with OhioGuidestone is complete.   A Renewed Mind is a Toledo-area non-profit organization at the forefront of substance use disorder (SUD) services.  The combined organization will operate as OhioGuidestone; however, A Renewed Mind will continue to be known as A Renewed Mind, A Division of OhioGuidestone, in Western Ohio.

The two like-minded organizations are collaboratively strengthening their approach and reach, combining resources to achieve greater impact and long-term sustainability. The merger enables OhioGuidestone to further enhance its response to the ongoing opioid crisis and to expand additional services into Western Ohio, providing pathways for growth, achievement and lifelong success to even more people in need. As a Division of OhioGuidestone, A Renewed Mind strengthens its approach and reach, gaining access to additional client support services such as work and employment support, early childhood mental health services and parenting programs.

“This announcement marks a significant strategic milestone as the growth and evolution of OhioGuidestone continues,” said Richard Frank, OhioGuidestone President and CEO. “OhioGuidestone is committed to providing a strong, strategic response to the continued opioid epidemic and A Renewed Mind is, and has been, at the forefront of SUD services, especially residential care and recovery housing. We also saw a need for our programs and services in Western Ohio and this will enable us to help people in those communities.”

Both OhioGuidestone and A Renewed Mind are recognized and trusted names in behavioral health care. Through shared expertise and collaboration, together the two organizations will significantly advance the availability of innovative, client-centered mental health and addiction care service models in their communities.

“We are excited to join OhioGuidestone,” said Matthew D. Rizzo, President of A Renewed Mind. “OhioGuidestone has a long history of providing targeted, responsive programs that facilitate real, lasting change in the lives of those they serve. We are thrilled to be able to integrate our SUD services into their model, and to be able to offer additional behavioral and mental health services to our clients.”

“We couldn’t have found a better fit in terms of culture,” said Frank. “Not only do our organizations share a deep and abiding commitment to serving those in need, but OhioGuidestone and A Renewed Mind also share many common attributes. We’re both faith-   based entities, we both have loyal, committed employees, and we have a similar history of growing and evolving services to meet the needs of our communities.”


About OhioGuidestone
OhioGuidestone, a leader in the field of behavioral health, has been helping individuals throughout Ohio reset their paths, reclaim their autonomy and restore their purpose for more than 157 years. The nonprofit, Berea-based organization connects individuals with the resources needed to achieve lifelong success, providing community counseling, substance use disorder treatment, early childhood mental health services, workforce development training, domestic violence support, foster care services and more.

About A Renewed Mind
A Renewed Mind delivers personalized, high-quality behavioral health services in a compassionate manner to its communities in Western Ohio including Fulton, Henry, Williams, Defiance, Lucas, Hancock and Wood counties. A Renewed Mind has developed a reputation of providing quality services based on its commitment to respecting the individual and in forming strong therapeutic relationships.

WFMJ: Ohio Program Aims to Help Dads Experiencing Paternal Depression

The Institute for Family and Community Impact’s Father’s Feelings study is gaining attention across the state, spotlighting a much needed resource and support system for dads struggling with depression.

WFMJ in Youngstown recently spoke with Director of Applied Clinical Sciences and Research Brittany Pope to discuss how even before a baby is born, expectant fathers might have concerns.

The Patch: Student, Immigrant Health Care Aided By New Grants In Lakewood

The Healthy Lakewood Foundation has issued three new grants to improve community health, including more than $50,000 for OhioGuidestone to provide wraparound student mental health support in Lakewood City Schools.

The Patch recently broke down the importance of the funding to boost health care for students, family and immigrants or refugees.

Medina Gazette: Human services levy funds needed services

OhioGuidestone was able to serve more than 750 individuals during the first quarter of 2021 thanks to funding from the human services levy and the Medina County ADAMH Board.

The Medina Gazette recently broke down the importance of this needed funding.

Healthy Living News: Pandemic Mental Health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on one’s mental health is more important than ever. But there can be challenges. A Renewed Mind’s CEO Matthew Rizzo say the key is to anchor, plan and act.

He discussed that method in a recently published article in Healthy Living News.

Good Day Columbus: Royal Spotlight on Mental Health

Royal Spotlight on Mental Health on Fox 28 ColumbusOn the heels of revelations from Meghan Markle about her mental health struggles while a member of the royal family, OhioGuidestone’s Central Ohio Regional Director Wendy BeMiller discussed the importance of seeking help and how to know if a loved one is struggling with their mental health.

She recently appeared LIVE on Good Day Columbus on Fox 28.

Matthew Rizzo Works Featured in Two Publications

A Renewed Mind President and CEO Matthew Rizzo recently published two articles: Breaking the Cycle of Negative Behavior and Enhancing Lives through Creative Expression.

Read the full articles here. Pandemic Messing with Kids’ Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, across the globe, including children. OhioGuidestone therapist Kristina Ryan and other health experts explain how behavior changes in kids can give off warning signs.

Click here to read the article from

Toledo Street: Rizzo’s Message of Resilience

Matthew Rizzo of A Renewed Mind delivers a powerful message on the need to be resilient when facing adversity during these tough times.

Click here to read his article in the Toledo Street News.

CW43 Focus: Services Available During a Pandemic

Courtney Yergin discusses with Harry Boomer the services we have available during the COVID pandemic and OhioGuidestone's past, present and futureOhioGuidestone has been around for more than 155 years and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to those we serve.

Assistant Director Courtney Yergin recently joined journalist Harry Boomer to discuss OhioGuidestone’s past, present, and future!

Click here to watch the interview from the CW43 Focus show.

Spectrum News 1: COVID-19 and the Mental Health Toll

Many people know the physical symptoms of the coronavirus, but there are more long-term implications.

OhioGuidestone’s Assistant Director Courtney Yergin explains the impact on our mental health.

Click here to watch the story from Karlynn Wells with Spectrum News 1.

News 5: Psychiatric Effects of COVID-19

A new study found that COVID-19 survivors are more likely to develop a psychiatric disorder like anxiety or depression.

OhioGuidestone’s Denise Meyer survived the virus and has a warning for others like her.

Click here to watch the story from Mike Brookbank and News 5 Cleveland.

CRIBBS IN THE CLE: Dealing with Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be a time filled with lots of family gatherings, joy and laughter. But this year, due to COVID-19, the holidays will be much different. That can be a trigger for people dealing with mental health illness or substance use disorders.

Director of Community Counseling Tiffany Banks recently appeared on the “Cribbs in the CLE” show on WOIO, offering some advice to weather the months ahead.

Click here to watch her conversation with Josh and Maria.

7 Minute Stories: It’s Ok To Reach Out For Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on mental health for many people across the state. Monica Mlinac, OhioGuidestone’s Executive Director of Stark, Summit and Portage Counties, joined Aaron Calafato on his 7 Minute Stories podcast to discuss the importance of mental health and the resources available for those seeking help.

Listen to the full interview here.

How OhioGuidestone Is Making Mental Health Services Accessible During COVID-19

At OhioGuidestone, our mental health experts are doing what they can to fight isolation and continue providing necessary services during the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes expanding and revamping telehealth services to stay connected to the people we serve.

Click here to read more from


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