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Former Browns player Austin Hooper is still showing big love for Cleveland in 2022

Tight end Austin Hooper may not be playing for us anymore, but he still adores our city and its people and this Christmas, he’s making sure some foster care kids have an awesome holiday.

Austin Hooper shows dedication to foster care

Hooper has been committed to helping foster care programs through The Austin Hooper Foundation and he’s been a long-time partner of OhioGuidestone, a leader in behavioral health, and an agency that offers foster care programs.

This week a huge delivery of jackets and Nike shoes arrived at OhioGuidestone headquarters in Berea to be distributed to kids in the foster care program this week.

An extra special gift of AirForce 1 Nike shoes goes to kids 15 and up and those who have aged out of foster care, a group that Austin particularly cares about.

Hooper was OhioGuidestone’s athlete honoree at our 2021 Evolution Gala which raised over $700,000. We are grateful for our continued relationship with Hooper who is clearly a winner on and off the field.