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Counseling Center Celebrated at 434 Eastland in Berea

Outpatient therapy is now available at 434 Eastland Road, Berea.

OhioGuidestone’s retired President and CEO received the honor of a lifetime as 434 Eastland Road in Berea officially became the Richard R. Frank Counseling center. Rich was honored for his 43 years of leadership at OhioGuidestone, and more importantly his immense contribution to making us the state’s leader in behavioral healthcare.

Rich received a serenade from  members of the Berea High School marching band before our current CEO Brant Russell opened the ceremony by thanking Rich for making the transition of leadership at OhioGuidestone go as smoothly  as possible, and  Chief Program Officer Donna Keegan detailed the incredible growth of OhioGuidestone she witnessed during her many years working with Rich.

Nancy Shaw Goldsmith, Vice Chair of the OhioGuidestone Board, also praised Rich for his 43 years of dedication and leadership, and gave him a beautiful glass award to commemorate his service.

As he graciously accepted the award, Rich described why 434 Eastland is so special to him and how proud he is to see his name there.  The building used to be the headquarters for the Art Model owned Cleveland Browns before Model devastated fans by moving the team to Baltimore to become the Ravens, leaving empty space in the heart of Berea.

Rich said he saw this as an opportunity to firmly anchor OhioGuidestone in Berea by buying the building and making it OhioGuidestone headquarters. “I actually took Model’s office,” he said, “but only after measures were taken to “clean” the building of negative energy.” Apparently the measures worked  because OhioGuidestone’s growth came in part from ideas and decisions made in that office.

Now that the building has new purpose, Reverend Michael Howard concluded the ceremony with a new blessing, asking God to watch over the building and to bless everyone in it so that the Richard R. Frank Counseling center will bring joy and healing for generations to come.

Photos from May 17, 2023 Dedication Ceremony:

The counseling center is a first for Berea with outpatient services under one roof.

The building has another historic element. It is the first building in Berea to be 100-perecent dedicated to outpatient behavioral health treatment.

Taking an existing administration building and transforming it into a counseling center took planning and work. As soon as OhioGuidestone’s administration offices moved to 343 W. Bagley Road, updates immediately began on 434 Eastland Road to redesign, remodel, and upgrade the structure of the building.

Andy Fisher, Asst. Director of Facilities said it took more than three months to get the Eastland Road building ready for its new purpose. “We needed to make sure the building is secure and safe for public use. The roof had to be completely torn off and replaced, the restrooms needed to be upgraded and ADA compliant, and we needed to expand the lobby to accommodate a reception and waiting room for clients.”

OhioGuidestone’s IT Project Manager Bryan Miller oversaw the logistics of the move and said the interior had to be somewhat reconfigured to accommodate a treatment center. “Counseling space is different from the administrative office space that had been there,” he said.   “We added ‘Alice’ an automated check-in program and installed a Clinician testing restroom. We also upgraded the kitchenette.”

Both Andy and Bryan credit OhioGuidestone’s Facilities and Grounds Supervisor
Jason Kilpatrick with managing much of the project operations. Andy said, “Jason was our point person in coordinating with all of the subcontractors, and with our staff in the final move. He deserves a lot of credit for things running so smoothly.”

 The “Richard R. Frank Counseling Center can accommodate a growing number of clients, and growth within client’s needs, becoming a valued resource for the community of Berea.