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Harbor House – A safe home for women, families and pets too

Harbor House provides shelter for families and pets

OhioGuidestone’s domestic violence shelter, Harbor House, helps women and families in need of a safe space to heal, grow and find peace from abuse. When abuse is taking place in the home, it is not uncommon that abuse is directed towards a pet as well.

Nearly half of abuse survivors report the reason they hadn’t left an abuser was because of fear of what would happen to a pet if they did. Harbor House is one of only 3% of shelters in the country that has kennels and play areas so a family pet can be brought to safety as well.

For many, pets are just one more member of the family, and every member of a family deserves to be safe, healthy and happy.

Domestic Violence Program Supervisor Jennifer Benline and House Manager Tristah Moore explain more in this heartwarming video: