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Future generations are educated, self-reliant and contributing members of strong communities.


Faith is a belief that a force greater than ourselves supports and guides us.
Trust is the foundation of every relationship and provides a safe environment to work, to grow and to change.
Courage strengthens us to do the right thing, even when it is the difficult thing.
Empowerment guides people to realize they have the ability to change the purpose, the direction and the outcome of their life.
Wisdom comes from learning and experiencing life and is then shared with others.
Justice is equal opportunity for all and individual responsibility to act on the opportunities provided.
Hope is a positive view of the future and belief in the capacity for change.
Compassion is the emotion that we feel in response to suffering.

About Us

Though we all have different paths, we have a common goal—one of happiness for others and ourselves.

OhioGuidestone works for every person and family to reach happiness. With our family services, we lead children, parents, and individuals towards ways to change their situations for the better.

We know in our hearts that when we care for others, we are stronger. That’s why we speak the truth and deliver on our promises.

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