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5 Ways to Support Foster Families this May

Written by Sabrina Plumb

May is Foster Care Awareness Month. Of course, becoming a foster parent is the best way to celebrate—but if you’re not ready yet, how can you help foster families this month? OhioGuidestone Foster Care Recruiter/Trainer, Holly Spencer-Trueman gives us several simple ways to spread awareness:

1. Educate Yourself – Start by researching and reading about foster care and what it entails. Once you’ve become knowledgeable on the topic, you can talk about foster care to others and share what you’ve learned about the need for foster parents. We recommend starting here.

2. Invite Speakers – OhioGuidestone has been providing foster care services across Northeast Ohio since 1985 and we are still one of the largest providers of foster care services. Our knowledgeable staff want to come and speak to your church, office or other large group to spread the word and answer questions on foster care.

3. Collect Items – OhioGuidestone supports our foster families with education, events and in any way we can including through donations of items these families may need. While a favorite for donations are Christmas gifts for the foster care children, we accept donations of clothes, diapers, new cribs, toys and household products year-round!

4. Provide Support – Foster parents are caregivers, so they may not know when to ask for help. However, when they do, you can be on the ready! If you’re interested in supporting foster families on a regular basis, become a Genie.

5. Hug a Foster Parent! – Being a foster parent is no easy task. While it’s rewarding, it doesn’t come without stress and anxiety. Tell those foster parents you come in contact with that they’re doing a great job and let them know you support them.


While these five tasks may seem small, they can make a large impact for both foster care families and those who may not know about the need for foster care.

For more information about OhioGuidestone’s foster care program, including information on the steps to become a foster parent, visit our website or call 888.505.2691.