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Meet OhioGuidestone’s Junior Board Leaders: Insights from Junior Board President John Adamczak

New Junior Board Leaders:

  • John Adamczak, President
  • Krystal Burwell, Outreach Chair
  • India Gardner, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Shana Anderson-Development Chair
  • Jaime Perry-Events Chair

Previous Junior Board Leaders:

  • Jessica Shaffalo, President
  • Nikki Welch, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Krystal Burwell, Outreach Chair
  • Lauren Hanna-Masuga, Events Chair
  • John Adamczak, Board Liaison

Why is the Junior Board important to OhioGuidestone?

“The Junior Board is an essential group as it develops the next generation of OhioGuidestone leaders. Junior Board members are able to make a direct impact to benefit our community through volunteering, networking, fundraising and advocating for the services that OhioGuidestone provides its clients.”

What are you hoping to help the Junior Board accomplish as President?

“I’m blessed to work with an amazing team made up of our executive committee, Junior Board members and OhioGuidestone liaisons. My duty as President is to facilitate their strengths to meet the needs of the organization. Residential has been our main focus; my hope is that the Junior Board will continue to expand our reach further into workforce development, community engagement and other services. My goal is to increase networking opportunities between our young professionals on the Junior Board and our main Board of Directors.

How do the Junior Board mission/vision/values align with OhioGuidestone?

“The Junior Board was created to advance the mission of OhioGuidestone by engaging individuals who are seeking an opportunity to give back, make a positive impact and network in their community. We know in our hearts that when we care for others, we are stronger.”

OhioGuidestone Junior Board Members