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Know Your Worth: Raising Awareness for Teen Dating Violence

According to the CDC, nearly 1 in 11 teen girls and 1 in 15 teen boys reported experiencing physical dating violence in the last year. Violence in an adolescent relationship can set the stage for problems in future relationships, including intimate partner violence and/or victimization throughout life.

“COVID-19 has had a profound effect on domestic violence in general, including teens” said Pam Trimmer, OhioGuidestone Executive Director. “Even though teens may not be in school, they can still be a victim of violence virtually through digital platforms. Isolation has impacted all victims of abuse.”

After dealing with her own unhealthy relationship, 17-year-old Rhylee Shepherd wanted to do something to warn others about teen dating violence.

“People can put you down frequently, isolate you from family or friends,” said Shepherd. “After getting out of that situation, I did a lot of research and I realized there were a lot of red flags that I missed or I downplayed. I just thought everything would get better.”

February was Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and as a part of a senior project, Shepherd decided to take action and help her peers recognize the signs of teen dating violence. She began selling “Know Your Worth” bracelets with the proceeds benefiting OhioGuidestone’s Harbor House Domestic Violence Shelter. “We can’t thank Ryhlee enough for speaking up, speaking out and most importantly, taking a step to protect herself and having the ability to recognize an abusive relationship,” said Trimmer. “It takes a lot of courage as a teen to step away from unhealthy relationships. We hope that her message helps others in similar situations and gives them the strength to reach out as well.”

If you would like to support Harbor House Domestic Violence Shelter, visit:

WTUZ: Teen Raising Dating Violence Awareness

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and for a senior project, Rhylee Shepherd, wanted to bring awareness to this important cause. She created “Know Your Worth” bracelets, with the proceeds from the bracelets going to our Harbor House Domestic Violence Shelter.

Read more about Rhylee’s powerful message from WTUZ Radio.

OhioGuidestone and Ohio Domestic Violence Network Team Up To Support Survivors During COVID-19

Flyer for an online virtual meeting supporting Domestic Violence SurvivorsBEREA, OHIO, February 3, 2021 – OhioGuidestone, one of the largest behavioral health agencies in the state, is teaming up with the Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN) to support survivors of domestic violence. The two organizations are hosting a free panel discussion titled “Guiding Survivors During COVID-19” on Monday, February 8, 2021 at 12 p.m.

“Nationwide, there has been a steep increase in domestic violence cases during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Janine Boyd, who heads up Special Projects at OhioGuidestone. “With more stay at home orders, more victims are confined with their abusers. It’s imperative that we let them know what resources are available to help them escape a dangerous situation.”

The online virtual lunch and learn will cover a variety of topics and ways to help survivors during this global health pandemic, including: resources available to them during COVID-19; how to seek medical care for strangulation and traumatic brain injury; assistance for those who are further isolated or remote working from home; and much more. All panelists have a wide range of experience working with survivors.

WHO:             OhioGuidestone and ODVN

WHAT:           A virtual lunch and learn sharing resources to support survivors of domestic violence during the pandemic

WHEN:          Monday, February 8, 2021 12 – 1 p.m.

WHERE:        Click to register

HOW:             Panel discussion with individuals experienced in working with survivors of domestic violence

Moderator: Dr. Benjamin Kearney, Chief Clinical Officer, OhioGuidestone

Panelists: Jenn Benline, OhioGuidestone; Rachel Ramirez, Ohio Domestic Violence Network; Jo Simonsen, Ohio Domestic Violence                    Network; Kim Kehl, Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services; Nicolle Wampler, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections;                      Erika Shalene Hull, Author and Survivor


About OhioGuidestone
OhioGuidestone, a leader in the field of behavioral health, has been helping individuals throughout Ohio reset their paths, reclaim their autonomy and restore their purpose for more than 156 years. The nonprofit, Berea-based organization connects individuals with the resources needed to achieve lifelong success, providing community counseling, substance use disorder treatment, early childhood mental health services, workforce development training, domestic violence support, foster care services and more. Connect with us on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by calling 440-260-8303.

About Ohio Domestic Violence Network
Ohio Domestic Violence Network is the state’s leading voice for domestic violence survivors and their allies. Founded in 1989, ODVN serves as a critical source for education, public policy and professional training. ODVN’s advocacy extends to survivors, domestic violence agencies, the judicial system, healthcare, government and other organizations.

Times Reporter: Domestic Violence Cases Spike During Covid-19

One of the many complications from the COVID-19 pandemic is a sobering spike in domestic violence cases. Staff at OhioGuidestone’s domestic violence shelters report seeing more significant abuse during this crisis period.

Click to read the story from The Times Reporter in New Philadelphia.

AP: OhioGuidestone Recipient of Purple Leash Program Grant

As domestic violence cases rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, many survivors are forced to choose between escaping dangerous situations and their pets. But thanks to a generous grant from Purina and RedRover, OhioGuidestone has been able to renovate one of our domestic violence shelters to accommodate individuals and their pets through the Purple Leash Program.

Click here to read more about the Purple Leash Program grant.

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